Myth: Bioheat® is just used veggie oil and has fuel quality problems.

Fact: In order for a fuel to be called Bioheat®, it can only be made with ASTM 06751 grade biodiesel.Raw vegetable oils, animal fats, or used cooking oils-and any other product that does not meet ASTM standardsare NOT biodiesel and may cause serious problems. Beware of “imposter biodiesel” products claiming that they are just as good as biodiesel. Only ASTM 06751 grade biodiesel will provide the trouble-free usage and the benefits that have been proven with over $60 million in R&O over the last 15 years. A great way to insure you are getting quality Bioheat® is to purchase from companies certified under the biodiesel industry fuel quality program, BO-9000. See for more information and a listing of the BO-9000 approved companies that consistently hit the ASTM quality mark.