Myth: Bioheat® doesn’t work in cold weather.

Fact: The ASTM specifications have been set so that Biohea~ made with up to 5% biodiesel can be handled just as you would handle conventional heating oil. Since Biohea~ is a blend of biodiesel and heating oil, and the finished blends up to 5% biodiesel meet the same specs as heating oil, the same management practices used for traditional heating oil should be employed with Bioheat®. In most cases, this is all handled by the fuel dealer and, using these traditional management practices, high quality Bioheat® has been used successfully in the coldest climates. If you need more information regarding the best practices for addressing cold weather with Bioheat®, the National Biodiesel Board has set up the Biodiesel Education Network (BEN) and a feature called ‘Ask BEN’. You can get quick answers to your questions at the Ask BEN web site at