Myth: Bioheat® contributes to food shortages.

Fact: Biodiesel is a renewable fuel produced each year from oils and fats that are a natural by-product of producing high quality meats, fried foods, and high protein soybean meal. In fact, the soybeans used to make biodiesel in the US in 2009 produced enough soybean meal for 72 billion rations of protein. Some studies have even shown that utilizing the by-product soybean oil actually makes the price of soybean meal less expensive. The basic rule of thumb is when demand for soybean oil increases, the price of the other soybean component (meal) decreases, says the U.S. Department of Agriculture funded study byCENTREC Consulting Group, LLC. Increasing demand for soybean oil benefits livestock feeders through lower meal prices. Biodiesel helps meet our nation’s energy AND food needs without using new land or drilling for-or importing-dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.