Myth: Bioheat® causes land to be cleared and is not an “Advanced Biofuel.”

Fact: Under the relatively new Renewable Fuel Standard 2 (RFS2), the US EPA has thoroughly evaluated biodiesel and has declared biodiesel an ‘Advanced Biofuel’. Advanced biofuels are only those biofuels produced on existing land and that meet the minimum threshold of over 50% reduction in life cycle carbon emissions compared to petrodiesel. Biodiesel easily meets or exceeds these requirements since the fats and oils used to make biodiesel are grown on existing land as by-products of producing food and provide an over 80% reduction in life cycle C02 emissions compared to petrodiesel. This recent declaration by EPA makes biodiesel the only commercially available diesel fuel alternative that falls under the ‘Advanced Biofuel’ category of RFS2. Biohea!® is now a cost effective option to meet the over 5 billion gallons of ‘Advanced Biofuels’ under the biomass based diesel and non-differentiated advanced categories of RFS2.